Lou, East Sussex - Craniosacral and ScarWork
“I saw Sarah for two sessions of ScarWork, alongside cranial sessions. I have a long scar from open heart surgery down my sternum which was particularly bumpy at the bottom where it took longer to heal. Even though my surgery was over 10 years ago, there was a noticeable difference even after the first session. The scar felt more integrated within the skin. It looked and felt smoother to the touch. Sarah worked on the rest of the scar with care and sensitivity, bearing in mind its location, and that I still have some numbness in the area. Sarah consistently checked I was comfortable to continue and ensured I was covered in the places that needed covering. There is a definite change to the appearance of the scar now and more flexibility across the whole area. I wish I had known about ScarWork sooner after surgery. I am sure it would have made even more difference to the appearance and movement of the scar.”
Lou, East Sussex
Jo, East Sussex - Rolfing and Craniosacral

“I think it must be at least 2 years ago that I found Sarah. I needed help with an old, old injury – one that no one else could help me with.
What an incredible thing Rolfing is – and what a lovely, kind, knowledgeable and thoughtful practitioner I found in Sarah. I felt the difference after that very first session and booked for the full 10. I haven’t looked back. I return for maintenance sessions and now as an added bonus, Sarah also offers craniosacral therapy. For me the combination of Rolfing and cranial is a dream. I cannot recommend Sarah, Rolfing and cranial enough…. Thank you so much.”

Jo, East Sussex

Ken, East Sussex - Rolfing, ScarWork and Craniosacral

“Three years after double hip surgery  Sarah’s remedial ScarWork produced  some very beneficial and  interesting results. After surgery, one hip remained uncomfortable and less flexible particularly after sitting for any length of time.
After receiving treatment on the scar  it felt a much more natural, smoother and comfortable part of my body ,even recently after a fairly long flight.   I realised I had ignored the scar areas, never really thought about the disruption to tissue.  Sarah’s gentle work made a lot of sense both mentally and physically in understanding and including the scars in helping gain the best possible recovery.”

Ken, East Sussex

Aly, Brighton - Craniosacral

“I have been seeing Sarah over the last couple of years and find her sessions invaluable for keeping me on an even keel.  She holds a deeply grounded and safe space where I find it easy to relax.  She works with great insight .. she always seems to know what is needed!  I am really grateful for the peace and centredness Sarah has enabled in my life”.

Aly, Brighton

Lucy, Lewes - Rolfing

“An empowering, symbiotic experience between client and practitioner! I have reaped the benefits on emotional as well as physical levels. I always feel safe in her capable, intuitive and thoughtful hands. Thank you, Sarah!”

Lucy, Lewes.

Miriam, Lewes, East Sussex - Rolfing

“I had the ‘Rolfing 10’ series with Sarah, 7 years after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In the intervening years I had been helped by a skilled osteopath, done yoga and adjusted my diet. All of these things contributed to a gradual convalescence. But with Sarah’s treatment the holding patterns that kept my muscles stiff and sore were released at a deeper, ‘whole body’ and more permanent level. The treatment also seemed able to discharge the ‘emotional baggage’ that had contributed to the chronic stress in my body. Sarah’s skills, her gentleness and her down to earth approach created a safe atmosphere for treatment and healing. As the treatment progressed I slept better, ached less and left each session feeling a new freedom and lightness in body, mind and heart.”

Miriam, Lewes, East Sussex

Sue - Brighton - Rolfing

“I first visited Sarah following recommendation from a friend who suggested that Rolfing might help to alleviate painful Sciatica. This condition was limiting my movement, causing me to lean forward and sideways and playing havoc with my sleep. I have recently completed the ‘Ten Series’ with Sarah and throughout she has been extremely caring, patient and supportive. She has an easy-going friendly manner, whilst retaining professionalism. Sarah’s Rolfing treatments have made me more aware of my body, improving my posture and general wellbeing. After treatment, I have felt more energised and better able, mentally and physically to cope with my symptoms. Sarah has been and continues to be, proactive in suggesting other ways I might be helped.At the time of writing I am almost pain free, my posture is better than ever and my sleep has improved enormously. I believe that Sarah’s Rolfing skills have given my body the help it needed to begin to heal. Thank you Sarah.”

Sue – Brighton

Pat, Romsey, Hants - Rolfing

“I have recently completed a Rolfing course of ten sessions and am very happy to have been a client of Sarah’s. She has been extremely caring, sensitive and intuitive. Her thorough practice has led me to an increased awareness of my body helping my posture and movement. The benefits from my Rolfing treatments with Sarah are ongoing and have left me with a great sense of wellbeing.”

Pat, Romsey, Hants

Matthew, West Sussex - Rolfing

“My massage therapist was absolutely astounded with the physical changes you have made to my body.  She said it was like treating a totally different body.  Likewise the experience of the massage was completely different as well.  Places that always had been tight and uncomfortable to be massaged were free and easy.”

Matthew, West Sussex

Steve, East Sussex - Rolfing

“I just wanted to say a big “thank you” for all you have done for me. I have to confess I came to you as a skeptic and hoping to enhance/improve my posture due to my scoliosis spinal curvature. Now 10 sessions later I am a firm believer in Rolfing and I intend to keep Rolfing on a regular basis. I really appreciate your efforts and the results for me have been clear in a number of ways.  I am literally feeling brand new with a lot more energy and get up an go! My wife, friends and family have all really noticed a difference/change in me. I have had many comments about looking very well and questions as to what has changed. My chest and shoulder area area is feeling so much more open and general posture feels much better and more balanced. Happy to recommend you to any one interested. Keep doing what you are doing and Thanks again.”

Steve, East Sussex

Ifty, Derbyshire - Rolfing

“I’ve had the full 10 Rolfing sessions with Sarah over the last year. My body has since changed so much that I’ve forgotten how it was like to carry my own weight around. It feels weightless and so easy to climb up stairs etc. I can now do sports with a much fuller range of movement. And with a better posture, clothes fit and look better! Sarah has been very attentive and skilled in helping to stretch and strengthen muscles and tissue that would have taken years with yoga alone. So no surprise that I highly recommend her Rolfing.”

Ifty, Derbyshire

Tracy, Tunbridge Wells - Rolfing

“During my Ten Series with Sarah she worked on different parts of my body and during each session I felt that I released a lot of deep emotional feelings and my inner energy shifted to a more balanced state. At the same time my physical body felt stronger with each session. Sarah was an intuitive and kind practitioner. During our ten sessions we laughed a lot and this helped with the emotional release. My experience was very positive and enabled my body to heal itself on different levels.”

Tracy, Tunbridge Wells

Paula, Cheshunt, Herts - Rolfing

“Sarah seemed to intuitively home in on areas of my body that needed it without me telling her. I always came away feeling both physically and emotionally more open and relaxed.”

Paula, Cheshunt, Herts

Lee, Norfolk - Rolfing

“Sarah really supported me through the Ten Series, and throughout the Rolfing sessions. I learnt a new, more relaxed, effortless way of being and approaching the world. I would highly recommend Rolfing sessions with Sarah.”

Lee, Norfolk