I became interested in ScarWork™ and scars generally, as I noticed how many people that come for Rolfing also have scars. Many of these scars were having an impact on the body and the fascial network in terms of restrictive movement, sensitivity and tightness. As this has an impact on the body, then the treatment of them became integral to the Rolfing 10 series process.  I also realised that people had very different views about their scars. Some were upset by them, others were grateful for them. Some scars were numb, others were painful. Some clients wanted to ignore them, but whatever the reaction, there would always be an interesting story to the comment “tell me a little about your scar”.

I wanted to help people integrate their scars as best as possible during the Rolfing series. However, once I completed the ScarWork™ training, I realised that there was a whole world of people out there with scar tissue and adhesions. I now offer separate ScarWork™ sessions, in addition to incorporating ScarWork into Rolfing sessions during the 10 series. I also offer a combined treatment of ScarWork and Craniosacral as a gentle way to relax the system after the scar treatment.

ScarWork™ is a gentle ‘light touch’ treatment which was developed by Sharon Wheeler,  an original student of Ida Rolf who has been a Rolfer for more than 40 years. After developing these specific techniques,  Sharon went on to develop a training course to teach others. I trained with Emma Holly, who was nominated by Sharon Wheeler to teach her techniques.